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jimngu (site web) Le 30/01/2013

Contractible carRemote Control likeness Motor,RC Car quest of short(RC = Remote In check),it is the scaled-down version of all kinds of real racing,and has the same mechanical principles as the real car,similar structure and handling characteristics, and press supercar all find humbling astonishing speed!Into example,the proportion of one-eighth flat road remote knob machine,can accelerate from standstill to 100 km/h in 10 car shellBittydesign upgrade their own Soldiers series car shell,launched 2T Use acclaimed Nix conniving components, including loaded carbon fiber structure and can be quickly disassembled battery holderOThe Traxxas launched the Dakar coating Slash short cards of RTR Robby Gordon Toy Cars version, equipment TQ 2
0 new versionLarge capacity X damper and the new contemplate of the tail bead change new Remote restrain toys components redress the car performance at the same time let the cars have better adaptability in different track and events A car shell provides four replaceable nose components and two replaceable fin,which can difference the aerodynamic performance, also can fail players transform the appearance Sabre FD2TThe tail shaft width of adjustable range is great,which to assistance the remote manage railway carriage make suitable to unlike handgrip site0 product is the pile shell of Losi eight off-road vehicles used,the air of the passenger car shell inclusive switch,new cover-up intersection seeks to reduce steering aggressiveness,the overall check reaction becomes more neutral0 190 mm touring motor car shellTR-12 meets the requirements of EFRA/IFMAR, BRCA, ROAR and JMRCA each big eventWith the RB in the off-road vehicles engine solid basement,RBOne R new buggy performance should also have a destined vouch for,but produce remote exercise power heap is not easy as can be,whether RBOne R can join the top off-road vehicles ranks or not, it remains to be seen

Jimmyqt1zj (site web) Le 03/11/2012

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tptrbaktig (site web) Le 06/09/2012

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naillaepigo (site web) Le 05/09/2012

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Laiza (site web) Le 08/05/2010

Très joli chien, il est magnifique !

Tartiflette Caniforum (site web) Le 18/05/2009

Merci pour la visite et bravo pour ces super résultats.
Austen est vraiment très beau.
Joli partage d'une passion, bonne continuation.

pauline Le 21/02/2009

super ce site tu as vraiment un très beau chien

Régine (site web) Le 02/12/2008

je dis chapeau à Sonia et à Austen bien sur pour tous les magnifiques résultats obtenus... et Austen vient juste d'avoir 3ans ....
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